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BBQ branding tool

by admin - June 30th, 2010.
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Branding ironOut of all the gadgets and accessories I've seen for barbeques this is one of the most unusual. It's a barbeque branding iron!
It's a branding iron for putting your stamp on everything you cook on your barbeque! It's got loads of letters - 55 in total - which clip into a special holder that you secure tight once you've picked your name or words you want branding on your food.
You then heat it up carefully keep[ing hold only of the wooden handle (Adults only!) and when it's hot enough you stamp it on your food!
Because it heats up it gets hot enough to brand the food! You can then let it cool down and change the letters or repeat the heating process and brand something else!
This branding barbeque tool is something really unusual that I'm sure will get used loads each time you barbeque. Who could resist the abilty to add messages to your food!
It will be a hit for celebrating events or just adding people's names to their steaks! Enjoy playing with this great gadget for the barbeque!