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Disposable barbeque trays

by admin - June 30th, 2010.
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Disposable barbeque trays have several advantages over other types of barbeques.

Firstly they're cheap! They are the most affordable type of barbeque on the market. You can buy them from as little as a pound at some shops, but supermarkets usually do an own brand version for a couple of quid.

Until this year they were only available in one size but now there is a party size disposable tray offering you all the conveniences but on a larger scale! These are dearer but probably less hassle than having two separate ones on the go.

They are lightweight and easy to bring home from the supermarket. A disposable barbeque contains everything you need to have a fun barbeque with virtually no cleaning up afterwards. You can pack them in a bag easily to take to the beach or on a picnic with you.

They are simple to light! A match is lit and applied to a corner of the top cover inside the grill. This burns and lights the charcoal. It's quite amazing to watch something as simple as one match get it going very easily.

They take about 20 minutes to get going so you can cook on them - this is about the same as any standard charcoal barbeque.

They have a close grill pattern which makes it easy to grill smaller items such as tomatoes without any risk of food falling through on to the charcoal.

They give a good hours use too. If you shake them using tongs or similar and concentrate the charcoal at one end you can continue to cook for a while longer but obviously with reduced surface area.

Cleaning up involves packing away any tools you bought with you to the barbeque and waiting until the barbeque is cool to throw it away. As it's disposable you can tip water into it without risk of damaging it. Don't do this with any other sort of barbeque and beware as steam could be generated which could scold.

For people who want only an occasional barbeque they are ideal. You can buy them and keep them safely at home - for years if needs be! But as we think barbequing is such fun we don't think you should leave it that long!

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