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Which barbeque to get?

by admin - June 30th, 2010.
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When deciding which barbeque to get there are several questions you need to consider. Firstly how often are you likely to have a barbeque? Will it be regular or accessional? How much budget do you have available to spend? How many people are you going to be regularly barbequing for? Do you have a preference as to gas or charcoal? Are you a gadget fan?

Your budget is the most important thing to consider when buying a barbeque. Don't overstretch yourself financially! A barbeque is supposed to be fun - not a financial burden!

If you are only planning a barbeque as a one off then you need to make a sensible purchase and buy disposable barbeque trays. They're available almost everywhere it seems during the summer months. They vary in size and there are some larger models available. As they're quite cheap and small they are easy to stock up in advance on the off chance you'll have a barbeque soon! They're also light to carry if you're going to the beach or for a day out.

There are now portable gas grill models available - which has been launched by Marco Pierre White and HeavenChef.

The smaller models of barbeques are normally charcoal though. This makes them easy to store and a sack of charcoal can be easily store in a shed or the garage. They are easy to use once they're lit and you follow some basic principals of waiting until the coals are white hot before you start cooking, and you push new charcoal in from the edge to keep it going longer.

Gas barbeques are much bigger and require storing inside a shed during the winter months. They take up quite a lot of room but mean you can cook for more people more easily. Some have additional gadgets like side burners for cooking onions on or warming up sauces. A luxury model with several burners, rotisserie and smoke hood is likely to cost more than a simpler model!

Built barbeques are much more sturdy than anything else - so you have to pick the location in your garden carefully for one. They are mostly likely to be charcoal run but it will only be a matter of time before someone invents a way of adding a gas canister to one!

Which ever barbeque your budget allows you will really enjoy using your barbeque and entertaining the family outdoors!