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Gas Barbeques

Friday, July 30th, 2010

A gas barbeque is a great way of cooking food outside. With a simple ignition system - most are just pushing a button to get it lit, and it'll be ready in about 10 minutes. There are flavouriser bars above the burners which heat up and act just like charcoal does. With the controllability of gas though it makes it an amazingly easy task to cook food! The temperature regulation is much better than with a charcoal grill where you normally have to either damp down coals with a spray or raise the grill level to avoid food burning without being raw inside. With a gas barbeque there's a lot less stress and it's much more like using a cooker.

There's no taste difference and less mess. The flavouriser bars do not need cleaning. You're also less likely to burn food using a gas grill which makes it much more appealing - and there's of course less waste.

With multiple burners you can also cook different foods as you can use a different size flame to achieve a different temperature. Perfect if you want burgers and chicken!

The side burners on some models are excellent if you want to do fried onions, beans or warm up sauces to pour over food. They save you having to rush into the kitchen to do the other cooking tasks you might need. Warming racks can be used for a variety of things - from keeping foods warm, to warming breads and keeping garlic bread warm!

The gas used is called propane. It's sometimes known as patio gas and comes in a red bottle. Normally a deposit is payable on the bottle and then it can be exchanged for a full one when it's empty - and that time onwards you only pay for the gas. If you are planning a lot of barbeques or have a large grill with many burners you should opt for a bigger bottle.
You should find the gas at your local garage - have a look next time you go for petrol. it's normally stored in a steel cage so look out for it. Alternatively you can ring Calor Gas (0800 626626) to find out local stockists.

All gas barbecues should be equipped with a regulator, which attaches from the hose to the gas bottle and regulates the gas pressure.

Summer Entertaining

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

John Lewis Summer Entertaining - they've really got everything you need to make your garden the perfect entertainment space.
Outdoor party hints
Make sure you have enough seating for your guests. If you don't have a lot of chairs ask friends if you can borrow some chairs!
Make sure you've got plenty of cups! Why not treat yourself to some unbreakable ones to make the party less stressful! That way you don't have to worry about anyone breaking glasses outside and having to rush to clear up broken glass. They'll come in handy each time you have a party or a picnic too!
Get sunscreen and offer it to your guests if the weather is hot and sunny (Like you want it to be) - nothing kills the fun like sunburn!
Get picnic blankets and rugs for people to lounge on too. Some people love to chill out and lay down outside and relax, so make sure there's room for them! The kids can play on blankets too!
Keep drinks cold in a bucket filled with cold water. You don't need tons of ice - save that for inside the glasses! Keep canned drinks cold too!
Ensure you've got plenty of food. If you're unsure of numbers then get some items that can be cooked from frozen and that way you've got plenty of food in reserve. People are always more hungry outside!
Buy bags of ice cubes if you've got room in the freezer! They're cheap and solves the problem of running out of ice.
Make sure you have plenty of bread - either lovely fresh rolls or french stick perhaps for people to nibble on!
Make dessert simple with either grilled fruit or a ready made cake!

Portable FOLD AWAY Charcoal Barbecue

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

fold up barbequePortable FOLD AWAY Charcoal Barbecue
Portable FOLD AWAY Charcoal Barbecue
This is the cheapest I've seen this anywhere! This is agreat little barbeque for occaisional barbies in the garden or if you're going to the beach!
Neat and easy to carry or store. Simply take a bag of charcoal with you too, or a large sack if you're planning an all day feast! Barbeque is easy to assembly, quick to get going and folds away when you've finished.
* Fold-away, portable BBQ
* Black enamel finish
* Folds flat for carrying with moulded hand grip detail
* Chrome cooking grill provided
* Suitable for home use or days out

Price: £16.50

Barbeque Tool set

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Barbeque tool set22 Piece Barbeque set
* 16 Inch Skewers
* Tongues
* Barbeque Knife and steak knives
* Basting brush
* Spatula
It looks like it's got corn holders for eating cooked corn on the cob with (You stick them in each end to save burning your fingers, as corn is great done on the barbeque this is a great idea, and I'm sure you can use them to hold other things too)

Barbeque Accessories

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Weber drip traysJohn Lewis sell Weber Small Drip Trays - these are very useful. They come in a pack of 10 disposable drip trays. They are designed to catch fat, grease and juices. Use them to create delicious sauces, or simply protect food from burning. You can put burgers in them or small pieces of chicken, or vegetable kebabs and put the trays over the barbeque. It stops foot from dripping fat into the barbeque too.

Weber Barbeque toolsJohn Lewis sell Weber Barbeque Tools - slotted spatula and easy-grip locking kitchen tongs. Ideal tools for using on your new barbeque! They make life easier for turning meat and whilst some foods need the spatula other items are much easier with the tongs. Lovely quality tools from barbeque experts weber.
Some people prefer using tongs all the time, but the spatula can be used on conjunction with the tongs for steadying bigger pieces of meat or chicken pieces.
Weber Basting BrushJohn Lewis sell Weber Basting Brush - good long handle on this basting brush.It's also dishwasher safe. Length is 30cm which means you won't burn your arms whilst basting the meat! Perfect for keeping meat juicy and succulent or applying flavoured marinades to meat.

Weber Compact 57cm Charcoal Barbecue

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Weber Compact 57cm Charcoal Barbecue
Weber Compact 57cm Charcoal BarbecueWeber Compact 57cm Charcoal Barbecue at John Lewis has rust-proof vent and triple-plated cooking grate making it a great quality barbeque for your garden!
You get a Weber cookbook free with it too!
It's a well made barbeque with a Porcelain enamelled lid and bowl, triple nickel-plated cooking grate; glass reinforced nylon handles. It has a good guarantee too - Bowl and lid 5 years, handles 5 years; cooking grate 1 year, all other parts 5 years.
Cooking surface size is 2552cm²
With it's crack-proof wheels, and the sturdy steel construction all making it durable and weather-proof. The lid lock doubles as a lid holder too.
John Lewis sell the Weber Compact 57cm Charcoal Barbecue
John Lewis have free delivery on orders over £30 too so this barbeque can be delivered to your door for free!

Sardines on the barbeque

Friday, July 16th, 2010

SardinesMake a simple marinade with a little lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper.
Add the sardines for about 15 minutes and then grill them
Buy the Sardines at the Fish Society's website! - they're very cheap at the moment - 12+ servings of Sardinees in a Saver Pack weighing 3000g/6lb 9oz costs only £12.60!
That's a huge amount - enough for everyone to have several each! So try them in different ways and decide how you like them best!
Add herbs like chopped marjoram, chopped thyme or garlic cloves, finely chopped to the mix.

Add piri piri seasoning! Add curry powders, barbeque seasoning, fresh herbs, anything you want.
But make sure you try some just on their own grilled until crispy brown and then add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice whilst they're on your place. Eat with the freshest bread possible, crusty unsliced loaf or rolls split open and warmed briefly on the barbeque.
Let 2010 be the summer of fish barbeques! With so many lovely fish available at the Fish Society's website you've got to try some of them barbequed! Peeled king prawns on a skewer are delicious - they'll be so juicy and tender you'll love them done this way! Sometimes simple is best, no fuss no messing - just the natural fish taste on it's own with a simple salad and bread.
Some fish like tuna, Swordfish steaks and Kingfish can take a stronger flavour so you can be more adventurous with them and serve them with sauces and savoury dishes.

Barbeque gadgets and gifts

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010
Perhaps you're going to a barbeque over the summer and want to take the host a neat gift?

"Butchered" Butcher's Apron - £7.99
Perfect BBQ accessory, a barbecue apron splattered with bloodied gore butcher's print.
This is a very bright apron that will horrify people until they realise it's the design!

BBQ Branding Ironr - £15.99
Personalise your meat with this barbecue accessory with a difference. The barbeque branding iron is certainly going to cause much amusement at barbeques up and down the UK.

BBQ Tool Set - £24.99
For the man who's really serious about his barbecue, here's the ultimate set of utensils. Very useful and an ideal gift for someone who loves cooking on the barbie!

Luckies BBQ Sword - £15.99
Swashbuckle your way to the perfectly cooked sausage with the Luckies BBQ Sword. Very amusing gift and useful for helping cook sausages!

Original Juan Hot Sauce Gift Pack - £19.99
These 3 seriously hot sauces from Original Juan will give your taste buds something to think about. # Batch #37 Garlic Style Hot Sauce
# Batch #114 Jamaican Style Hot Sauce
# Batch #218 Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

The Simpsons "Ooh Flamey" Apron and Oven Glove Set - £9.99
NBBQ in style this summer with this Homer 'Ooh Flamey' Apron and Gauntlet Set. A must for simpsons fans!

Thumbs Up Inflatable Beer Ice Bucket-£9.99
Keep your drinks cool wherever you are this summer with this portable beer cooler. Be useful for other parties too!

Barbeque gadgets from IWOOT!

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Bespoke BBQ Branding Tool - perfect for creating personalised steaks. It's only £14.99 a perfect gift for anyone who loves barebeque!
Darwin BBQ - very portable!
Only £19.99
Zoku Instant Ice Lolly Maker - afters at your barbeque can now be home made in an instant lollies! Impress your mates and the kids will just love you forever for treating them to one of these!
Only £39.99
All of I want one of those barbeque and outdoor range - including a fantastic siesta hammock and tons of gadgets and fun stuff to make your barbeque the best in the world.

Safari Chef gas BBQ

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Safari Chef gas BBQSafari Chef gas BBQ
Very practical barbeque with an Interchangeable/reversible surface so you can barbecue, griddle, fry, stir fry, boil and oven cook. Non stick surfaces make it easy to clean too!
This barbeque uses standard 500g threaded gas cartridge, which screws directly into base. Lightweight and compact with own carry bag- only 4kg
Very easy to assemble and pack up - so perfect for picnics in the park or on the beach.
Cooking Area Diameter is 30cm.
Good for camping as you can cook many meals on it and it's easy to wash up!
Tesco sell the Safari Chef gas BBQ