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Barbeque Meat from Natoora

by admin - July 1st, 2010.
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If you're looking for a great butcher but don't have one locally then shopping online at Natoora solves all your problems. They have some really good quality food including a range of meat for the barbeque.
Great meat for your barbeque from Natoora
BurgersThey have a range of burgers, which are the most traditional barbeque food, including Original Recipe Steak Burgers as well as Lamb and mint burgers. The beef burgers are made from grass fed free-range Scottish cattle!
They have chicken wings and legs, pork chops, lamb and chicken kebabs and a range of sausages including Merguez Sausages which are made from Lamb and Harissa seasoning which is from North Africa. They also have Toulouse sausages which are made from pork and herbs and will be fantastic served with mustard and red wine! All the sausages are made by Moen and Sons who are expert butchers.
Can't decide what to have on your barbeque - take a barbeque selection from Natoora - they have two selections one of 770g and the other is 5kg of food and drink! The large selection pack includes some rose wine chosen because of it's delicious taste and it'll go with everything you'll be cooking on the barbie!