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Easy to use spice mixes – Fajita

by Diane - July 1st, 2010.
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Perfect Shake Fajita Special Blend
Fajita spicey seasoning from Schwartz!
Chicken cooked with fajita spice mixI've got this one and have tried it a couple of times! It's very zingy and spicey, although not too hot! First time I used it I added it to some chicken wings and thighs which I'd put inside a plastic bag. I tied the bag up and shook round the spice mix. The bag was placed in the fridge for about 10 minutes and then they were placed out on the barbeque that was ready to cook on. The chicken needed turning regular to ensure it cooked through. They were very delicious! This spice mix contains onion, garlic and spices with a bit of chilli and lemon! You could serve the food with wedges of lemon to further enhance the flavours of the spices. This is an easy way of spicing up food for cooking indoors or out. It's a ready prepared mix that you can simply shake on to food and cook! This spice mix gives you a quick and very easy fajita flavour!