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Picnic tables for your garden

by Diane - July 1st, 2010.
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Picnic tableA picnic table makes eating in the garden so much easier than having to sit on the grass! Whilst people love sitting outside it makes sense to have a proper table area if you're planning to eat outside often! It's also great as the kids can sit and colour outdoors too!
This lovely Picnic table at Raw Garden is just the thing for sitting round for eating lunch or tea outside! You could make it a challenge this year to eat all three meals outside one day this year at least!
When you have a barbeque you often have salad and bread, and sitting on an ordinary chair makes life tricky, you don't want to let go of anything but you quickly run out of hands! So get a picnic table and avoid all the juggling whilst eating. You can sit properly and serve salads, breads and dips and sauces from the comfort of one of these lovely tables.
I love this style table - it makes eating outside so much more fun, and you can put a parasol up on this one as it has a hole to accommodate a parasol pre-drilled in!
It'll be big enough for the whole family to sit round too as it's 1.4m long.
It's value for money as it's made from kiln-dried wood which is pre-treated to category 3, giving it a 10 year plus life span. You can treat it yourself each year to enhance this lifespan too using sealer or protector. A picnic table is perhaps an essential accessory to your barbeque plan - and it'll be wonderful for the garden even if you don't have barbeque every night! You could even cook tea indoors and serve it outside on this table!
If you're not convinced this is the right table for your garden then visit Raw garden to see all the other styles and size tables they have. Click here for the full Picnic tables range at Raw Garden