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Fish barbeque

by Diane - July 2nd, 2010.
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Do you love fish? Have you ever done fish on your barbeque before? If not then this barbeque hamper is the perfect way of trying!
BBQ Fishamper
BBQ fishamper
This package contains all the fish you need to have an amazing barbeque. It has 6 fillet steaks (ie boneless) - 2 tuna, 2 sword and 2 organic salmon, 2 "through the fish" (ie with a bone in the middle) kingfish steaks, 2 whole organic rainbow trout, about 6 sardines and 6 skewers each mounted with 10 peeled king prawns. It works out about as a dozen main courses for your guests.
Your guests will love this fish selection and will really enjoy eating the different types of fish. It'll be a barbeque to remember!

It contains these Organic Salmon Fillets
This salmon is more dark and tastier than ordinary farmed salmon. Cook inside a grill cage. Oil the outside of the fish. Or cook inside a tinfoil parcel with herbs and lemon juice.
Until the end of July you can get a discount too from the Fish Society when you shop online:
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Something everyone should try is these Sardines
They are large Portugese fish which taste amazing. Try stuffing the cleaned fish with baby spinach and lemon zest before grilling. Approximately 12 (uncleaned) fish. The fillets have been "butterflyed" - that means the two fillets from each fish are joined down the back.
After this date check here for the latest voucher codes for the fish society.