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Making your barbeque memorable

by Diane - July 2nd, 2010.
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Sky lanternsAs well as cooking the best food, being the best host and providing the most beer, there's a few other things you can do to make your barbeque event really special!
Night Sky Lanterns are so pretty and they will fascinate your guests who will love lighting them and letting them go free into the evening sky!
They are beautiful to watch float up and away! You may have even seen them drift by from other people's celebrations! Sky lanterns are really magical! You unfold them and light them, holding them carefully as you do this ... as they inflate you can slowly feel them wanting to take off and when they're fully inflated you let go!
These beautiful lanterns soar upwards and go into the night sky. Get enough for each guest to light one - perhaps writing messages on them for good luck! They are great for birthdays and other celebrations, or just for having fun at your barbeque!
Night Sky Lanterns also sell Garden Candles which would make your garden really beautiful as evening draws in. They have three different patterns on them and they will look wonderful! You just need to light a tealight inside the non-flammable lantern and place them around your garden. These are very pretty and will make your garden look really special!