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Ways to cook fish on your barbeque

by Diane - July 3rd, 2010.
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Not everyone has tried barbequed fish - it's a delicious way of eating some lovely fish though!

Fine large Portugese fish which beg to be eaten with your fingers. Try stuffing the cleaned fish with baby spinach and lemon zest before grilling. Approximately 12 (uncleaned) fish. The fillets have been "butterflyed" - that means the two fillets from each fish are joined down the back.
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Grilling sardines on your barbeque

The principals apply to any fish similar to sardines, like mackerel.

Estimate about 3 fish per person.

Clean the fish and brush them with oil. Season using salt and pepper. Grill for about 10 minutes or until done.

Serve with bread, salad and a squeeze of lemon. You could also serve with flavoured butters.

Rainbow Trout
Rainbow trout
Grown to certified organic standards. Two cleaned fish per pack. Beautiful looking fish! Lovely delicate flesh.
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Marinating fish

Clean fish - remove heads if your guests are funny about their food looking at them. Place fish in a dish and pour over marinade, including putting some inside the fish. You can layer the inside with fresh herbs or lemon slices, or crushed garlic.

Marinade for about an hour before grilling on an oiled grill until done.

Serve with salads and bread.

Marinade fish in your favourite marinade or just this simple one: oil, mustard, chopped onion, chives, dill, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

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