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Weber Summit S450

by Diane - July 3rd, 2010.
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Weber Summit S450Weber Summit S450 from John Lewis
This is a real beast of a barbeque! John Lewis sell the Weber Summit S450 Gas Barbecue
It has 4 burners and a rotisserie attachment! Electric ignition can light all four burners with one click of a button making it easy to get started!
It has stainless steel Flavorizer bars which ensure your food tastes like it's been barbequed!
With a centre-mounted thermometer to help you check the food has reached the right temperature it will help you cook perfect food!
As well as a Weber cookbook it has the instant lighting SnapJet ignition, Stainless steel Flavorizer bars, infra-red rotisserie attachment; built-in thermometer, 2 grill-out handle lights, 6 tool holders; 2 condiment baskets, 2 stainless steel work surfaces at the sides , side smoker box burner and storage underneath.
With a huge cooking area of 5406cm² you will be able to feed large numbers of people quickly. This is the perfect barbeque for you if you love to party and barbeque for all your friends on a regular basis.
The Weber Summit s450 is perfect for when you want to barbeque for many people - it will look stunning in your garden and help you cook perfect barbeque food! Click here for the Weber Summit S450 Gas Barbecue