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Summer vegetable parcels

by Diane - July 4th, 2010.
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Take 1kg of mixed vegetables - whatever takes your fancy and budget. If you can get baby veggies then use these - mini corn cobs, tiny squashes, shallots etc - or use big vegetables chopped up. Use courgettes, onions, tomatoes etc - anything you like - just cut into chunks, harder vegetables should be kept smaller than bigger softer vegetables. Leave tomatoes whole or in halves though.
Prepare four squares of tin foil and divide the vegetables between them. Grate a little lemon rind on to them and squeeze some lemon juice. Add a dab of butter and garlic and any herbs youfancy (parsley, thyme or even coriander or basil). Don't forget to season them.
Wrap the parcels firmly and put them on the barbeque for about half an hour.
Serve with additional lemon or even a dash of soy sauce.
You could use chinese style seasonings on the veg, or italian herbs. Experiment. You could do each parcel differently and find out what flavours you prefer!