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Barbeque Fire Safety

by admin - July 5th, 2010.
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Fire safety

Some people keep a bucket of water close to the barbeque in case anything gets burnt - it's easy to instantly cool down fingers. Don't drink and cook! The chef should wait until the food is all cooked and the barbeque is finished to have a drink!

Pick the right area in your garden. Away from anything burnable - like fences or plants and don't have it under trees.

Always use the correct lighting materials for a charcoal barbeque and follow instructions. Put them away once the barbeque is lit. NEVER use petrol or similar liquids to light a barbeque.

Gas barbeques - check the bottle is fitted right and that the hose is intact.

Don't leave it unattended - ensure that your dogs and cats don't knock into it or climb on it.

Keep raw food covered and at a safe temperature until you start to cook it. Ensure food is cooked through. Turn food regularly to ensure that it cooks properly through without burning.

Use a water sprayer for charcoal if it starts to flare up - as it will when lots of fat drips in.

Once it's lit you shouldn't move it. The body of the barbeque will get very hot. Always leave it to cool down completely before cleaning and putting it away.

Treat burns with plenty of cold water!