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by Diane - July 5th, 2010.
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Tons of accessories to make cooking on your barbeque easier at ebay.
Some real bargains to be had as always!
Always check the postage and read the item details carefully so you know what to expect!
Barbeque accessories Racks/ Trays/ Basket
If you want to cook fish in a special barbeque rack then they have several great models available as I write this. There's some seriously nice accessories for your barbeque on ebay! Things you didn't know exist! Currently there's a Corn on the Cob holder so you can cook 4 corn cobs easily without them rolling off. There's also some tool sets and folding clip baskets for cooking fish, steaks and all sorts of other food! Ebay is always worth a look and their barbeque category has some interesting items in it!