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Things that make a burger great

by Diane - July 6th, 2010.
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Best burgers in the world
What makes a burger great?
There are so many things that can make your burger taste like it's the best burger in the world! Can we really be unhappy with a freshly barbequed burger in our hands? I think not - but here are my suggestions for how to make that burger the best ever!
  1. Use good burgers!
  2. Cook it on a barbeque
  3. Eat it whilst it's hot
  4. Add ketchup
  5. Add cheese. Proper cheese none of that cheese slice nonsense.
  6. Toast the bun.
  7. Add sliced onions
  8. Add fried onions
  9. Add thinly sliced tomatoes
  10. Add mustard
  11. Add a slice of pickled gherkin too.
  12. Add lettuce.
  13. Add mayonaise
  14. Add combinations of the above.
  15. Use a sesame topped bun
  16. Use italian bread and sliced fresh plum tomatoes and cheese.
  17. Make your own burgers!
  18. Make burgers with blue cheese in the middle!
  19. Make lamb burgers with mint!
  20. Put two on one bun!