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Barbeque care

by admin - July 7th, 2010.
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Taking care of your barbeque.

Always follow the instructions that come with your barbeque.

For charcoal barbeques you should wait until they're cold and remove the grill tray and scrub this clean with a wire brush or a pad of wire wool (Brillo pads). Rinse and ensure it's dry before putting it away.
Empty out ashes of the body of the pan either into the bin or in a heap at the bottom of the garden. Wood ash can be used on the garden!
Wash the outside of the barbeque with a soapy cloth.

Gas - clean the grill rack as above. Wash down the barbeque. Read the instructions for your model on how to clean the flavouriser bars - usually it involves having the barbeque on and allowing them to heat up.

Leave it ready to use again and that makes it easier for a spontaneous barbeque to happen!

Check your barbeque is still sturdy each time you get it out of storage and before you light it. Ensure the legs are all secured and that there's no wobbly. Check any wheels still work.

Put your barbeque away in a shed or garage over winter - or ensure it's well covered up with a proper cover.