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Different types of barbeque

by admin - July 8th, 2010.
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Hibachi - although originally from China it is considered to be a traditional Japanese heating device. It's often seen as a rectangular style small low barbeque but can be round and made from porcelain or lined wood. Made from cast iron they will last a long time. They have adjustable height for the grill making them flexible to cook on. They are usually quite small though. They can have legs which make them able to stand on table tops so that you can use the grill at a sensible height. Make sure that it's on a stable surface though.

Picnic barbeques are small and portable. They often fold up so they can be transported easily to your destination. Bigger versions of this suitable for home use are often known as brazier types. They are usually circular and are practical as they can be stored folded.

Hooded barbeques allow you to smoke food and the good can act as a windbreak behind to prevent breezes from disturbing the cooking process. Some include support for a spit when in the upright position.

Big barbeques with multiple gas burners are sometimes known as wagons. They are often on wheels with built in shelves and storage underneath. The poshest models have warming plants, spits and many other accessories that make barbequing a dream!

There are kits to build your own barbeque so if you're handy at laying bricks - or want to try being a builder - they are quite fun to do! You should site them carefully as obviously they can not be moved once constructed. Models with an oven for keeping food warm are also available.

It is of course possible to build an impromptu barbeque out of very little. When outside your own garden you need to take into account any rules - many beaches have no fires rule but not all! Don't put wet rocks around your barbeque fire - they might explode! Dig a pit in the sand or use a metal bucket as a base for the barbeque. Use driftwood if you can find any, but take some charcoal just in case. For many occaisons a portable barbeque tray that is disposable will do just the trick. It is less messing and quicker and safer! The fire is all contained too which is always a good idea! Clearning up a disposable tray is easy. Wait for it to cool and put it in the bin or take it home for your own bin.