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Lighting a barbeque

by admin - July 8th, 2010.
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Lighting a barbeque.

Out of all the barbeques there are two that are simple and easy to light. The gas burners have built in ignition so it's just switch on and press a button. The disposable trays ones are also easy to light - just use a match to set fire to a corner as instructed and they light easily.

Using proper charcoal can be a bit more tricky. You can do it using a little kindling from your garden if you want to do a full on Ray Mears type barbeque (Striking flint on steel for sparks is optional!) but it's tricky and takes a lot of effort. You can use firelighters - crumble one up inside a small tower of charcoal and light it. The charcoal should light and this should get things going.

For charcoal barbeques you're best putting extra charcoal around the outside so it starts to warm and then you can move it closer in to the centre of the fire as you want to keep it going longer. This process makes it easier to keep your barbeque going longer rather than having to add fresh coals from the bag which can create dust and take longer for them to start going. This prewarming hint is worth remembering!

Obviously you can also use self-lighting charcoal - this has a chemical on it similar to fire lighters to make it easier to light. It is more expenive than normal charcoal though.

Liquid fire starters may be available but only use those recommended for barbeques. Use only as instructed. Using petrol or lighter fluid is irresponsible and dangerous as well as tainting the food there's a risk of an accident.

Some shops sell jellied alcohol which is used for camping trips. Use a small amount of this and ensure the container is sealed and put away again. Do not leave flammable materials near the barbeque.

It is also possible to light the barbeque using a gas torch - such as those used to making the burnt sugar topping on creme brulee!