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Barbeque essentials

by admin - July 9th, 2010.
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What tools do you need for a barbeque?

Tongs are very useful for picking up and moving items around the barbeque grill. You can use a fork but there are impressive looking barbeque forks available which allow you to stand back slightly further avoiding the worst of the heat and smoke.

Oven gloves are useful if you need to touch anything that's gotten really hot. Useful for lifting anything heavy too when you need to get a good grip without burning your hands.

Sprinkler spray bottle. Ideal for spraying the flaming coals if the fat sends up flames.

Work surface for plates and uncooked food. Ideally you need to have enough room to keep the uncooked food well away from the cooked items. For serving up it's easier if you're putting food on a plate on a table rather than people holding plates at you - it can get crowded round the barbeque very quickly.

Cooking foil us useful for wrapping delicate foods for barbequing as well as wrapping up what people aren't ready to eat yet.

Hinged wire grills are perfect for cooking delicate items like fish that would otherwise be a nusiance to turn over. Make sure you know how it clips and unclips.

Wooden boards are available that can be used as a platter for cooking and serving food. They add a flavour to the food and last up to about 10 times depending on your barbeque skill.

Kitchen roll - ideally fixed so it can be torn off with one hand. Ideal for mopping up grease!

Some people prefer to use paper plates and cups outside - it saves on breakages and washing up.

If you're cooking large pieces of meat you will need a meat thermometer.

Basting brushes are useful for topping up marinade coatings.

Long skewers - wooden or metal - although soak wooden ones first and ensure you don't touch metal ones with your fingers as they will get really hot off the grill.