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Can I Have a Barbeque on the Beach?

by Diane - July 9th, 2010.
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Can I Have a Barbeque on the Beach?
Always check whether you're allowed to have a fire on the beach. There will be signs up if you're not allowed - take notice of them! You don't want to get half way through only to have to put the barbeque out.
Some beaches ban open fires.
Remember to clear up properly when you have a barbeque on the beach though! Take away all the mess you make and put it all in the bin or take it home with you.
Which barbeque is good on the beach?
For simplicity a disposable tray is great but also the foldup barbeque is a good idea, or a bucket barbeque!
Portable FOLD AWAY Charcoal Barbecue Fold up barbeque The foldup barbeque is good for the beach - it's small and light to carry. Take a bag or two of ready to light charcoal and you can get your barbeque going easily!