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Disposable barbeques

by admin - July 9th, 2010.
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Disposable barbeques have many advantages. They're small and light and can be stored inside the house in any cupboard! You can keep them on hand in case you ever get the urge to have some yummy barbequed food for your tea! They can be carried to the park or the beach or taken on your holidays. They are very portable!

They're cheap too - there's no big outlay and you can now buy two sizes - the normal size and now Morrisons do a huge tray offering you twice as much cooking space! Or you could just use two trays if there's a lot of people! You can feed 4 comfortably using one, probably more if you're not greedy piglets! Our record is 2 hours cooking out of one - although surface area diminishes after the first hour - you just shake the charcoal down to one end and keep on cooking!

They are incredibly easy to light. Just light a match and get the sheet under the grill lit and it takes care of itself.

Many are FSC approved - which means the charcoal has been made from wood from FSC-certified, responsibly managed forests. There are also Fair Trade versions available.

Probably their biggest bonus is in terms of when you've finished. There's no horrible grill to scrub clean and put away, there's no barbeque to wipe down - you just put it in the bin when it's cooled down!

This also leads to probably their biggest downside - it can't be environmentally friendly to throw away a metal tray - and you can't refill them as the structure is designed to rely on the seal between the grill and the body of the tray. It needs to be raised up - which shouldn't mean on more than a two stack of bricks. This does mean you've got to kneel or sit on the floor to cook on it. For some people this might be a problem. If you have a solid raised surface in your garden you could use this.

The relatively small surface area can also be a problem - although the cooking time allows for plenty of food to be cooked you will have people waiting if you only have one on the go.

Overall they're great though - small, cheap and easy to use.