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Barbeque salmon

by Diane - July 10th, 2010.
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Barbeque Salmon - there are several ways of cooking salmon on a barbeque.
The first is to place it on the grill directly. You should either oil the grill or the fish! Don't prod the salmon. Turn it once and only once! Use a fish spatula! Cook skin side down first. You can see the fish cook as the colour changes.
Cook inside tinfoil!
Score the skin side of salmon, add lemon juice, salt and pepper and wrap in a tin foil parcel. Takes about 20 mnutes depending on how thick it is! Can be served on to plates or eaten right out of the tin foil!
Cook on a plank!
If you have any cedar planks you could soak them and cook the fish on top.
Cook on a tin foil tray!
You can marinate salmon in anything you like. Lemon, olive oil and salt and the minimum basics though. Add chopped herbs or spices to add a new twist. Convert your favourite salmon recipe into a barbeque version!