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Sardines on the barbeque

by Diane - July 16th, 2010.
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SardinesMake a simple marinade with a little lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper.
Add the sardines for about 15 minutes and then grill them
Buy the Sardines at the Fish Society's website! - they're very cheap at the moment - 12+ servings of Sardinees in a Saver Pack weighing 3000g/6lb 9oz costs only £12.60!
That's a huge amount - enough for everyone to have several each! So try them in different ways and decide how you like them best!
Add herbs like chopped marjoram, chopped thyme or garlic cloves, finely chopped to the mix.

Add piri piri seasoning! Add curry powders, barbeque seasoning, fresh herbs, anything you want.
But make sure you try some just on their own grilled until crispy brown and then add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice whilst they're on your place. Eat with the freshest bread possible, crusty unsliced loaf or rolls split open and warmed briefly on the barbeque.
Let 2010 be the summer of fish barbeques! With so many lovely fish available at the Fish Society's website you've got to try some of them barbequed! Peeled king prawns on a skewer are delicious - they'll be so juicy and tender you'll love them done this way! Sometimes simple is best, no fuss no messing - just the natural fish taste on it's own with a simple salad and bread.
Some fish like tuna, Swordfish steaks and Kingfish can take a stronger flavour so you can be more adventurous with them and serve them with sauces and savoury dishes.