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by Diane - July 20th, 2010.
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Weber drip traysJohn Lewis sell Weber Small Drip Trays - these are very useful. They come in a pack of 10 disposable drip trays. They are designed to catch fat, grease and juices. Use them to create delicious sauces, or simply protect food from burning. You can put burgers in them or small pieces of chicken, or vegetable kebabs and put the trays over the barbeque. It stops foot from dripping fat into the barbeque too.

Weber Barbeque toolsJohn Lewis sell Weber Barbeque Tools - slotted spatula and easy-grip locking kitchen tongs. Ideal tools for using on your new barbeque! They make life easier for turning meat and whilst some foods need the spatula other items are much easier with the tongs. Lovely quality tools from barbeque experts weber.
Some people prefer using tongs all the time, but the spatula can be used on conjunction with the tongs for steadying bigger pieces of meat or chicken pieces.
Weber Basting BrushJohn Lewis sell Weber Basting Brush - good long handle on this basting brush.It's also dishwasher safe. Length is 30cm which means you won't burn your arms whilst basting the meat! Perfect for keeping meat juicy and succulent or applying flavoured marinades to meat.