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Gas Barbeques

by admin - July 30th, 2010.
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A gas barbeque is a great way of cooking food outside. With a simple ignition system - most are just pushing a button to get it lit, and it'll be ready in about 10 minutes. There are flavouriser bars above the burners which heat up and act just like charcoal does. With the controllability of gas though it makes it an amazingly easy task to cook food! The temperature regulation is much better than with a charcoal grill where you normally have to either damp down coals with a spray or raise the grill level to avoid food burning without being raw inside. With a gas barbeque there's a lot less stress and it's much more like using a cooker.

There's no taste difference and less mess. The flavouriser bars do not need cleaning. You're also less likely to burn food using a gas grill which makes it much more appealing - and there's of course less waste.

With multiple burners you can also cook different foods as you can use a different size flame to achieve a different temperature. Perfect if you want burgers and chicken!

The side burners on some models are excellent if you want to do fried onions, beans or warm up sauces to pour over food. They save you having to rush into the kitchen to do the other cooking tasks you might need. Warming racks can be used for a variety of things - from keeping foods warm, to warming breads and keeping garlic bread warm!

The gas used is called propane. It's sometimes known as patio gas and comes in a red bottle. Normally a deposit is payable on the bottle and then it can be exchanged for a full one when it's empty - and that time onwards you only pay for the gas. If you are planning a lot of barbeques or have a large grill with many burners you should opt for a bigger bottle.
You should find the gas at your local garage - have a look next time you go for petrol. it's normally stored in a steel cage so look out for it. Alternatively you can ring Calor Gas (0800 626626) to find out local stockists.

All gas barbecues should be equipped with a regulator, which attaches from the hose to the gas bottle and regulates the gas pressure.