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End your barbeque evening with sky lanterns

by Diane - August 2nd, 2010.
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Night Sky Lanterns
Night Sky Lanterns are a perfect way to end your barbeque party. Get enough so that everyone can have one to light and release. They look amazing floating up so have the cameras ready too!
These beautiful paper lanterns are easy to light and set free and you can personalise them by writing messages and wishes on them and this is supposed to bring good luck! It's fun to do and people will really remember your party because of these wonderful lanterns. They're really pretty to watch float away and you'll be impressed how easy they are to light and let go!
If you're worried about the planet then buy lanterns from Night Sky Lanterns as they are all wire free!
If you've having a big barbeque then the bulk prices are great too - and remember that everyone will want to set one free!