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Barbeque party essentials

by Diane - August 3rd, 2010.
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Inflatable Football Beer Bucket
Inflatable Football Beer Bucket
The biggest problem when having friends and family round for a BBQ is that there just enough space in the fridge to keep all your drinks cold. This ingenious Inflatable Beer Bucket is the perfect solution to your storage issues. Simply blow it up, fill it with ice and any drinks you want kept cold, then just sit back and enjoy the sunshine.
Price £9.95

Party BBQ
Party BBQ
Next time you want to heat things up and get the party cooking make sure you have one of these great Party BBQs in place, they are sure to bring a sizzling atmosphere to any gathering. Quick to set up, easy to put away and clean when you're done. The great thing about the Party BBQ is that as it is portable so the party can go whever you need it to.
Perfect for the park, brilliant on the beach and great in the garden, the Party BBQ will turn up the heat at any social event.
Price - Black £19.95
Price - Pink £19.95

Condiment Set
Condiment Set
These fun condiment sets are perfect for those barbeques and picnics, or even for keeping indoors on the dinner table. Each set comes with four containers, one each for salt, pepper, ketchup, and mustard.
Choose from one of our two gret designs with your choice of picnic table or BBQ keeping your condiments together and organised ready to accompany any meal be it inside at the table, BBQ in the garden, or enjoying a picnic in the great outdoors.
Price - Mini Picnic £14.95
Price - Mini BBQ £12.95