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Cheese – not so much for the barbeque?

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Can you cook cheese on the barbeque? You could probably squewer some halloumi - but most of the other stuff would just melt on to the burners. However that doesn't mean you can't have cheese at the party! Put cheese on burgers. Stuff burgers with cheese. Make a fondue and serve barbqued veggies with it.
Cook a whole Camembert in the hot coals. Remove paper wrapping from the wooden tub and put cheese back in. Don't do for more than 10 minutes. Should be lovely and melty! Use tongs to take it out.
Here are some huge extravaganzas of cheese!
St Paul's Cathedral Cheese Tower - 5 Tiers St Paul's Cathedral Cheese Tower - 5 Tiers £219.95
The 'Grand Dame' of cheese towers, including Reblochon, Quickes Cheddar, Appleby's Double Gloucester, Oxford Blue and Old Sussex.
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Ideas for cooking on your barbeque

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Fancy something really different? Why not go wild and explore the boundaries of food! This would make an amazing barbeque!
Whole piglet will be stunning on your barbeque! Amaze your friends!
Cook the ceps with herbs and a drop of red wine marinade... or cook on a side pan with a bit of butter or chop and use a stuffing with breadcrumbs and herbs. Mmm delicious!
Tossing fried ceps through cooked pasta with lots of herbs and a good glug of olive oil and serve with barbequed meat!
Whole piglet, fresh, 10kg* Whole piglet, fresh, 10kg* £119.20
London Fine Foods has sourced these fresh piglets from France where the highest quality rearing processes produce the succulent meat that will entrance your carnivorous friends and family. A spit roasted piglet is the ideal main feature of a BBQ. Whole piglet, gutted and cleaned. (*approx weight). Needs to be pre-ordered before 12 noon Monday for a Friday delivery.
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Broil King Barbeques

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Broil King Barbeques at Philip Morris! Buying a package deal gets you ready to barbeque!
Buy a package and you get some great barbeque accessories! Essential stuff to make your barbeque more fun!
How to season your cast iron grids.
Rub a thin coating of cooking oil over their entire surface. Use a piece of kitchen towel to do this. Ensure even the corners are covered and the edges. Vegetable oil is good - but you can use sunflower, olive or peanut oil.
Preheat your barbeque for 10 minutes on high, put it on medium and shut the lid. Leave it for 30 minutes. Turn it off and leave until cold. Reseason after each use. When not in regular use you are best keeping the cast iron grids in a warm dry place.

Broil King Barbecue Gem BBQ 2010 Package Deal Broil King Barbecue Gem BBQ 2010 Package Deal £219.95
Package Deal: Broil King Gem BBQIdeal, general purpose performer.Full barbeque experience for the budget conscious consumer.Get £'s off 5 popular lines as a package deal.Free UK delivery
# Broil King Gem Barbecue
# Gem Barbecue Cover
# Cedar Grilling Planks
# Stainless Steel Tool Kit
# Deluxe Cleaning Brush
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Flavoured Wood Chips

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
Resealable bag of different types of wood chips for natural wood smoke flavour on your barbeque! Try with pork, lamb, poultry and fish.
Hickory wood is also a preferred type for smoke curing meats. Hickory is popular for barbecue cooking in the South of America, as it grows abundantly in the region and it adds great flavour to the meat.
The Mesquite is a deciduous tree. It is consirded by many people in Texas as a pest although it does have many uses. Especially as firewood, because mesquite burns slowly or if used to barbecue, the smoke from the wood adds a distinct flavour to the food.
Some people think you should soak the wood chips before burning them, or putting them in a tin foil parcel with a few holes in... others just throw them straight on the barbeque charcoal!
If you buy the smoker box then put the wood chips in that! It's been designed to gives your barbecue food a fantastic smoked barbecue flavour and a brilliant taste.
The smoker box allows wood chips to smoke longer for richer smoke flavour.
The advantage of a box is that the chips smoulder and produce smoke rather than burn on the direct contact with the hot coals and produce heat and therefore getting the most flavour. Use with charcoal, gas and electric smokers and grills. For maximum smoke impact keep the lid down on the barbeque!

Barbecue Genius Apple Wood Chips Barbecue Genius Apple Wood Chips £5.99
Resealable bag of apple chips for natural wood smoke flavour.Try with pork, lamb, poultry and fish.Contains 2lb approximately.
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Funky barbeques at Tooled Up

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
Tooled up can normally despatch these fantastic barbeques within 5-7 working days!
Coleman Adelaide 4 Premium Deluxe Barbeque with Side Burner Coleman Adelaide 4 Premium Deluxe Barbeque with Side Burner £339.95
A substantial barbecue, ideal for any family, friends or social gathering thanks to its large cooking surface, 4 cast iron burners and additional 2.3 kW side burner that is perfect for cooking side dishes or sauces. The Australian design is complemented by a contrasting silver and black trolley.
- Double-enamelled cast iron grid and griddle
- Enamelled surface and heat diffuser
- Heat indicator
- 2 side tables with hooks
- Revolving lid
- Electronic ignition
- Warming rack
- Removable grease drawer
- Stainless steel control panel
- Rubber wheels

Cooking area: 3 540 cm2
Power: 21kW
Side burner: 2.3kW
Gas consumption : 4x 340g /h + 170g /h
Weight: 68 kg
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Barbeque gift ideas from John Lewis

Monday, September 27th, 2010
Looking for a gift for someone who loves barbeques? These four ideas could be bought and put together as one fantastic barbeque gift pack! Brilliant gift ideas at John Lewis as always! The Edinburgh Preserves are a real treat for foodies and can be used long before next year's barbeque season!
Edinburgh Preserves Condiments for the Barbecue, 765g Edinburgh Preserves Condiments for the Barbecue, 765g £12.00
Spice up your barbecue with this box of tongue-tingling delights. Contains spicy tomato sauce, honey mustard with whisky, spicy plum chutney and gooseberry and mint sauce.
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Sunday, September 26th, 2010
You can make all sorts of tasty treats so much easier if you have squewers for your barbeque. If you have wooden ones then they're generally finer and easier to thread smaller things on. Pre-soak wooden squewers in water so they don't burn on the barbeque!
You can prepare squewered food in advance and leave it in trays or bags in the fridge until it's time to bring it out.
You can thread chunks of marinaded meat, halloumi cheese, vegetables, tofu, fish, prawns - almost anything on squewers and have a really great barbeque.
If you make a mixed squewer make sure everything will be cooked at the same time. Cook until the meat is done! Don't put the cooked squewers back near the raw ones. Some people will like to have the squewered food pulled off and put onto a plate and some are happy to hold the squewer stick and eat from that. For children you're probably best playing safe and taking the food off and putting on a plate for them.
Brush veg with flavoured oil to make it more exciting!
Small pieces of chicken done in a tikka sauce are lovely when you put them on a squewer and barbeque them!
B&Q 100 Piece Bamboo Skewers B&Q 100 Piece Bamboo Skewers £0.48
Natural bamboo. For Use When Barbecuing
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Barbeque Covers

Saturday, September 25th, 2010
Barbecues should be covered up when you're not using them. Keeps birds and cats off them! If you don't have a shed then buying a special cover can do the job!
Weber Vinyl BBQ Cover 57cm Weber Vinyl BBQ Cover 57cm £15.00
Weber Vinyl BBQ Cover 57cm. Protect your One Touch Weber BBQ from all the elements with this sturdy full-length vinyl cover. To fit 57cm One Touch Weber charcoal barbecues.
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The Fish Society – the fish experts

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

The Fish Society | Artisan online fishmonger

FREE DELIVERY 48 HRS / ORDERS OVER £100 delivered TO YOUR DOOR "tomorrow"*
*ORDER BY 1PM MON TO FRI PRE-FROZEN and individually packed
What's great to buy right now at The Fish Society? There's a huge choice of fish but the ones that are really popular right now are:
Red Snapper, Mussels, Sardines, Sea bass, Tuna , Cod fillets , Monkfish, Dover sole, Plaice, Haddock,
You can get everything though from delicous fine smoked salmon, to whole fish and some really good lobster and crab! You can treat yourself to a fish hamper as these offer you different types of fish and you get a discount. Each explains what's in it and how many portions you get. It's a great way of buying really good quality fish.
Browse their online shop's A-Z and explore a huge range of fish, some of which you'll never have heard of, as well as many favourites.
We should all be eating at least two portions of oily fish a week so shopping here is good for your health!
They do a barbeque pack of fish too for those who like to experiment with cooking fish on the barbie - it's easy and gives you delicious tasting food!
Their quick and easy section is worth a look if you're only after a couple of things and don't want them frozen - there's no delivery charge in this section unless you're booking a Saturday delivery!

The best Barbeque meat from Donald Russel

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
You'll really enjoy a barbeque when the meat you're cooking is the best you can get! Don't skimp on food for the barbeque - get the best possible. Donald Russell has some really great steak available - lots of different cuts and some Venison if you want something a bit different! I'd marinate this in a red wine and herb marinade for an hour or two and then put on squewers on the barbeque! It'll be delicious!
Just because it's autumn doesn't mean you can't squeeze a few more barbeques in!
They have lots of other foods too like sausages and bacon! Great quality food! Free delivery on orders over £80. Good for freezing and great for non-barbeque too!

Donald Russell Diced Red Deer Venison Donald Russell Diced Red Deer Venison £6.50
This fully trimmed and very lean diced venison benefits from slow-cooking at low temperatures to tenderise the meat. The reward is a rich, woodland flavour that makes very tasty gravy. It's also low in cholesterol compared with most red meats, and can be used in place of braising steak as part of a healthy diet.Diced Red Deer Venison, 1 x pack (min pack wt. 400g)Please note:Whilst every effort is made to remove shot from the meat, some shot may remain.
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