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Masonry Barbeques

by Diane - September 4th, 2010.
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Perhaps a project to keep you busy over the winter and in preparation for next year! Make one of thse masonry barbeques bring your garden to life! Stunning to look at and very practical if you love barbeques! A high quality range of masonry barbeques that look stunning.
Rondo Masonry Barbecue Rondo Masonry Barbecue £729.00
This barbeque fireplace fulfils the highest demands on functionality & design.
Ambiente Masonry Barbecue Ambiente Masonry Barbecue £699.00
This exclusive garden barbeque fireplace impresses through its snow-white quartz surface and a granite mantelpiece.
Kreta Masonry Barbecue Kreta Masonry Barbecue £599.00
This masonry barbeque comes with its own stainless steel mantelpiece turning it into an optical attraction in your garden- or on your patio.
Valencia Masonry Barbecue Valencia Masonry Barbecue £499.00
The two tone apperance turns this garden barbeque fireplace into a special jewel.
Taranto Masonry Barbecue Taranto Masonry Barbecue £199.99
This MasonryBBQ from Landmann is a Perfect addition to any medium to large garden For outdoor entertaining. A Perfect Example of an outdoor, sturdy, yet stylish barbeque 98x78x55cm Delivered in component form, Building to be completed by customer, instructions supplied Delivered direct to customer on a pallet top nearest point as per H&S guidelines Only to be used with charcoal/briquettes, Total weight 151kilos