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Masonry Barbeques

by Diane - September 5th, 2010.
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Masonry Barbeques add a touch of style to your garden and are perfect for those who love having a barbeque as often as possible. They mean there's no putting a barbeque away or having to store it in the garage. These Masonry Barbeques sit in the garden all year round and are constucted well and should last for many many years. They're ideal for families who love entertaining and eating outdoors! You'll find it so easy to use the barbeque that you'll have more than you've ever imagined. No messing about digging the barbeque out of the back of the shed, just throw on the charcoal and light. Perfect for any size garden - Masonry Barbeques are a great autumn project to do right now - and then you can enjoy a barbeque any time the sun comes out for a while! They're sturdy and can be put at the edge of your patio area so you can eat and cook in the same party space.
Rondo Masonry Barbecue Rondo Masonry Barbecue £729.00
This barbeque fireplace fulfils the highest demands on functionality & design.
Ambiente Masonry Barbecue Ambiente Masonry Barbecue £699.00
This exclusive garden barbeque fireplace impresses through its snow-white quartz surface and a granite mantelpiece.
Kreta Masonry Barbecue Kreta Masonry Barbecue £599.00
This masonry barbeque comes with its own stainless steel mantelpiece turning it into an optical attraction in your garden- or on your patio.
Valencia Masonry Barbecue Valencia Masonry Barbecue £499.00
The two tone apperance turns this garden barbeque fireplace into a special jewel.