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Unusual fish for the barbeque

by Diane - September 10th, 2010.
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What about cooking some really unusual fish on the barbeque? This selection has been put together to show you the wide range of types of fish!
Inviting people round and serving them a really unusual barbeque of fish will really make them go wow! Not many people have tried fish done on the barbeque so you get a chance to impress with your culinary skills. The samphire makes a fantastic side dish to fish so get some of that too! Try something different today and it'll make all the difference to how you see the barbeque!
For whole fish use a fish holder to make it easy to turn the fish so it's cooked evenly, for pieces you a simple aluminium tray to make it easy to keep it together. Try fish kebabs too mixing different types of fish together. It's a great way of giving fish extra flavour and you can also add plenty of other seasonings like lemon juice, minced garlic and anything else you fancy!
Crayfish tails, chilled,  1.5Kg Crayfish tails, chilled, 1.5Kg £41.90
These plump sweet fleshed crayfish tails are of premium quality, and are not to be confused with the pallid soggy supermarket offerings. Beautifully textured crayfish tails just waiting to used in canapes and salads.
Fresh Samphire 1kg Fresh Samphire 1kg £38.20
As hard to get hold of as it is delicious to eat. Gourmet choice with all fish dishes, this will delight guests with it's clean taste and wonderful texture. High level cuisine.
Donald Russell Shellfish Selection Donald Russell Shellfish Selection £49.00
This gourmet selection of ready-shelled sweet tasting Langoustine Tails and plump roeless King Scallops make for a wonderful combination.Langoustine Tails, shelled, supplied raw, 1 x pack, approx 10-15 pieces per pack (min pack wt. 480g)King Scallops ,without roe, supplied raw, 1 x pack, approx 10-12 pieces per pack (min pack wt. 480g)
Salmon supremes, skinless, boneless, frozen, 10 x 195g* Salmon supremes, skinless, boneless, frozen, 10 x 195g* £49.80
These premium quality salmon steaks can be used in so many recipes. An excellent source of omega 3, delicious, versatile, the queen of fish. Salmon can be easily fried, poached, or baked but why not try our recipe for Japanese Salmon. (*approx weight).
Donald Russell King Scallops, with roe Donald Russell King Scallops, with roe £39.00
Juicy, sweet flavoured meat with a bright orange roe. The roe has a different taste and texture to the scallop, and is excellent for making stocks and soups.King Scallops, with roe, supplied raw, 2 x pack, approx 9-11 pieces per pack (min pack wt. 480g)
Swordfish steak, frozen, 10 x 260g* Swordfish steak, frozen, 10 x 260g* £49.30
Swordfish is a delicious meaty fish and is excellent grilled or barbecued. Also known as broadbill swordfish is a much loved delicacy throughout the world. These large steaks will satisfy a hearty appetite. (* average weight)
Donald Russell Double THE Fish Cakes Donald Russell Double THE Fish Cakes £38.00
Double the quantity of this dish, double the number of happy diners - this box is perfect to stock up and save!Double THE Fish Cakes, 8 x pack (ave. pack wt. 210g)
Donald Russell White Fish Taster Donald Russell White Fish Taster £37.00
A great introduction to some of our most popular wild white fish. Delivered ready-frozen for maximum freshness, this box will take up very little freezer-space, yet provide you with a mainstay of delicious meals. It's as fresh and handy as a local fishmonger, if you are lucky enough to have one.Wild Cod Fillet Portions, 2 x packWild Haddock Fillet Portions, 2 x pack Wild Halibut Fillet Portion, 1 x pack Monkfish Fillet Portion, 1 x packAll products are skinless and bonelsss (min net box wt. 1.08kg)
Donald Russell Halibut Fillets Donald Russell Halibut Fillets £35.00
Firm and tasty, these attractive fillets are best served simply.Halibut Fillet portions, skinless, boneless, 4 x pack (min net box wt. 720g)