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Kettle barbeques

by Diane - September 11th, 2010.
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Kettle Barbecue are a round bowl style barbeuqe, usually with a round lid that can be used during cooking. One of the best known brands is Weber and they have many kettle barbeques. Charcoal kettle-grilling refers to the process of grilling over a charcoal fire in a kettle. A kettle is a metal pot for stewing or boiling; usually has a lid !
Weber Compact Kettle Barbecue Weber Compact Kettle Barbecue £75.00
Weber Compact Kettle Barbecue Just the right size for intimate al fresco gatherings, this compact grill is simple to use and built to last. What's more, it can be moved around the garden with ease via its handy trolley-style base. Perfect for the casual barbie user who demands professional results. Features include a fire & rust-proof lid & bowl made from porcelain-enamelled steel,a rust-proof removable ash catcher, a heavy duty cooking grate, a weather-proof handle with a protective heatshield, a rust-proof vent to regulate airflow and a crack-proof all weather wheels.
Weber Barbecue Work Table for the Kettle BBQs Weber Barbecue Work Table for the Kettle BBQs £44.99
Serves as a table or cutting boardMade from Rock MapleFor suitability of your barbeque click on more detailsDiscount Price RRP £49.99 NOW £44.99
Weber Barbecue Kettle BBQ Grill Warming Rack Weber Barbecue Kettle BBQ Grill Warming Rack £17.99
Kettle warming rack 57cm charcoal models only Expand the surface area of your barbeque by Handy for cooking vegetables or warming bread
Georgia - Stainless Steel Kettle BBQ Georgia - Stainless Steel Kettle BBQ £12.49
Round Kettle BBQ: a garden classic - every home must have one! Features an ash catching tray to keep your lawn tidy and a steel hood with handle and vent allowing you to roast meat or vegetables in your garden. Classic kettle design barbeque Very efficient and easy to use Wheeled for easy mobility 41.5cm diameter cooking area
Kettle BBQ Cover-up Kettle BBQ Cover-up £3.99
Keep your kettle barbeque looking good with this practical cover. Ideal for the winter months, it's tough and hard-wearing while the green colour will blend into your garden nicely.