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by Diane - September 14th, 2010.
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Barbecue accessories to make your barbequeing even more fun! A brilliant barbeque cart allows you to store everything you need close to hand and it's wheely easy to move about! Take it from the kitchen out to the barbeque area very easily. Great gift ideas for anyone who loves barbeques.
Outdoor Barbeque Cart Outdoor Barbeque Cart £199.99
When a barbeque calls, you have to answer! Get out the charcoal and the lighters and get ready for singed eyebrows! But what about the food? And the quipment? Where are you going to keep it all? This Barbeque Cart provides three tiers to store all your manly barbeque tools!
Grillslinger BBQ Tool System Grillslinger BBQ Tool System £50.00
The Grillslinger BBQ Tool System is hard-wearing, comfortable and holds all the essential tools for the grill chef. With easy, waist-level reach, freeing up valuable space around your barbecue.
Original Grillslinger BBQ Tool Belt Original Grillslinger BBQ Tool Belt £49.99
If you've ever wanted to combine your passions of westerns and barbeques, then look no further than the Grillslinger Tool Belt! Equipped with a pair of mean looking hand tools, the bad guys will run a mile and the ladies will swoon at your feet!
Flameboy BBQ Multi Tool Flameboy BBQ Multi Tool £12.99
To host a barbeque, you've got to have the right tools, so what better piece of equipment to have by your side than the Flameboy featuring 7 tools in 1! Prepare food, tend to your barbeque meats, and open countless bottles with this excellent multi tool!
Weber Barbecue Grill Tool Holder Weber Barbecue Grill Tool Holder £4.49
Suits all 47cm and 57cm charcoal barbequesSaves space, and keeps tools within easy reachMade from sturdy, heavy duty plated steelDiscount Price RRP £4.99 NOW £4.49