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Barbeque gift ideas at PrezzyBox

by Diane - September 16th, 2010.
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Barbeque gift ideas at Prezzybox! When you've got a friend who loves barbequeing a lot then you could treat them to one of these fantastic gifts! The portable notebook style barbeque means they can now enjoy a barbeque anywhere! The bbq stand means you can use a charcoal disposable anywhere too and the condiment gun is lots of fun!
Stainless Steel Notebook Stainless Steel Notebook £64.95
Nothing beats a good barbecue. As soon as the sun comes out, we love nothing more than stoking up the ‘barbie and throwing on some sausages and burgers! The problem with barbeques is that they aren’t usually very portable. What happens when you’re out in the great outdoors and you fancy a snack? Well, if you’ve got this clever fold-up barbecue, you’ll be slinging the burgers in no time! Folding up to a mere inch thick this barbeque weighs less than 4 kg and, thanks to its integrated handle, it’s ultra portable. When it’s time to grill, simply unfold, add charcoal and you’re good to go. Finished in stylish chrome, the Fold-It BBQ is a stylish addition to any outdoor soiree. Never again will you be out and about enjoying the sun and dreaming about a lovely barbecue. Keep one of these beauties in the car and you’ll be ready to fire it up at a moment’s notice. The fold-it barbecue is ideal for camping, parties and festivals. Forget those flimsy disposable things that never cook anything (except the grass), and resist the pull of the dodgy festival burger van, get real food, cooked the way you want it with that authentic BBQ taste at the drop of a hat, wherever you may be with the Fold-It BBQ. Specification: Dimensions – 445mm (L) x 300mm (W) x 360mm (D) Weight – 3.92kg
Asado Grill Portable Instant BBQ Stand Asado Grill Portable Instant BBQ Stand £9.95
It is time to give the humble disposable barbeque a makeover with the Asado Grill Portable Instant BBQ Stand. The Portable 'Asado Barbeque Grill' can be used on any surface, lawns, wood, glass or plastic without the fear of damage. You just slot your instant barbecue in the top, place the Asado wherever you like, light it up and get grilling. Never again will you have to panic about where to put the barbeque and then have to run away from the park keeper as he spots your rectangular patch of chargrilled grass! The Asado Portable Grill Stand is great for beaches, picnics and camping without the fear of burning precious tables or lawns! This robust lightweight Portable Asado stand reduces the fire hazard to virtually zero making your summer evenings a lot safer. When you have finished just recycle the Instant BBQ and retain the Asado BBQ stand for future use so there is no cleaning required (bonus!) Part assembly required Comes flat pack with 4 screws to attach the legs Made from chrome Do not leave outside in wet/damp weather Dimensions: Height: 17cm Width: 33cm Depth: 27cm
Condiment Gun Condiment Gun £9.95
Aah, ketchup, the king of sauces. Where would we be without a dollop of red tomato-ness glistening on our chips or hot dog? If, like us, you love a bit of the squeezy stuff, you’ll love the condiment gun! Bringing imagination to any dinnertime or barbeque, this accurate and extremely entertaining condiment gun will deliver just enough of your favourite sauce to your food. The gun is crafted from sturdy plastic and comes with 2 refillable sauce chambers. Simply fill the chamber with your favourite sauce, load it into the comedy 6-shooter and break out the movie slogans. You’ll be taunting your food in no time, “Come on, burger, make my day.” “Pasta La Vista Baby!” Just try to resist a wild-west style shoot out with your friends, things could get saucy... Or if you're imagination runs away with you, team the gun with the Grillslinger for the ultimate wild west grill-off! Product Info Sauce cartridge holds approx 100ml of sauce Approx 20 squirts to empty a cartridge Gun dimensions approx: 214x155x60mm. Not designed to fire chunky sauces Wash and dry cartridges after every use Do not fire near face and upper body Warning: Contains small parts. Unsuitable for under 36 months.