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Last chance for sitting out in the sun

by Diane - September 19th, 2010.
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It's getting more and more autumnal each day - the christmas advent calendars are in the shops for a start (What's that all about? It's only September!) and the odd day is still going to be nice. If you fancy sitting outside then you'll need something to keep your warm in the evenings! This fire basket is just the thing. It's got an ashe sheet so you don't get ash on your decking or lawn making it easy to clear up afterwards and you can even cook on it! It's a multifunction fire basket - use it for burning your confidential info that you should shred, put a few logs on and then sit down and enjoy a glass of wine on a nice autumnal evening! Everyone loves sitting round a fire but so few have fireplaces that work these days! Having one of these can allow you to play with fire in a controlled manner and it's more fun than a bonfire! Sit round this fire and toast some marshmellows to go with that glass of wine! The whole family will love it and want to come and join in!
Garden Brazier Fire Basket Garden Brazier Fire Basket £34.99
Brazier comprises of:ash sheet fire basket foot suspended baking sheet chrome-plated barbeque grill No garden should be without this multifunctional fire basket, either as a fireplace, barbeque, roaster (with suspended baking sheet for chestnuts, apples, jacket potatoes in foil, and much more) or simply as a flower stand. The fire basket will always look great. Dimensions: height 64 cm, diameter 48 cm. Comes with barbeque grill rack + suspended baking sheet.