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The Fish Society – the fish experts

by Diane - September 22nd, 2010.
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The Fish Society | Artisan online fishmonger

FREE DELIVERY 48 HRS / ORDERS OVER £100 delivered TO YOUR DOOR "tomorrow"*
*ORDER BY 1PM MON TO FRI PRE-FROZEN and individually packed
What's great to buy right now at The Fish Society? There's a huge choice of fish but the ones that are really popular right now are:
Red Snapper, Mussels, Sardines, Sea bass, Tuna , Cod fillets , Monkfish, Dover sole, Plaice, Haddock,
You can get everything though from delicous fine smoked salmon, to whole fish and some really good lobster and crab! You can treat yourself to a fish hamper as these offer you different types of fish and you get a discount. Each explains what's in it and how many portions you get. It's a great way of buying really good quality fish.
Browse their online shop's A-Z and explore a huge range of fish, some of which you'll never have heard of, as well as many favourites.
We should all be eating at least two portions of oily fish a week so shopping here is good for your health!
They do a barbeque pack of fish too for those who like to experiment with cooking fish on the barbie - it's easy and gives you delicious tasting food!
Their quick and easy section is worth a look if you're only after a couple of things and don't want them frozen - there's no delivery charge in this section unless you're booking a Saturday delivery!