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Ideas for cooking on your barbeque

by Diane - September 30th, 2010.
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Fancy something really different? Why not go wild and explore the boundaries of food! This would make an amazing barbeque!
Whole piglet will be stunning on your barbeque! Amaze your friends!
Cook the ceps with herbs and a drop of red wine marinade... or cook on a side pan with a bit of butter or chop and use a stuffing with breadcrumbs and herbs. Mmm delicious!
Tossing fried ceps through cooked pasta with lots of herbs and a good glug of olive oil and serve with barbequed meat!
Whole piglet, fresh, 10kg* Whole piglet, fresh, 10kg* £119.20
London Fine Foods has sourced these fresh piglets from France where the highest quality rearing processes produce the succulent meat that will entrance your carnivorous friends and family. A spit roasted piglet is the ideal main feature of a BBQ. Whole piglet, gutted and cleaned. (*approx weight). Needs to be pre-ordered before 12 noon Monday for a Friday delivery.
Ceps Ceps £9999.00
Considered to be the king of mushrooms, delightful strong flavour with meaty overtones.
Donald Russell Gourmet Taster Donald Russell Gourmet Taster £165.00
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