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Different types of steak

by Diane - October 1st, 2010.
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Different types of steak
Rump steak - this is a steak cut from the rear of a cow. It's a much used muscle and can be a little tougher but should have plenty of flavour. Thick steaks are best.
Sirloin - isn't steak that's been knighted - the name comes from sur loin - from the french for over the loin! It's got a good amount of fat which makes it moist and the muscle is more tender. Can be cut thinner.
Ribeye is taken from the rib part of the animal. Less commonly found in supermarkets but available online.. Should have a good marble of fat for moistness.
Fillet: This is the best and most tender cut of steak. The muscle has done very little work so it is almost butter soft when cooked. This does mean it has less flavour though and it very lean in terms of fat.
Filet Mignon
A cut from the small end of the tenderloin; the most tender and usually the most expensive cut by weight.A tenderloin being a beef loin muscle
T-bone steak and Porterhouse
These are both cuts from the tenderloin and strip loin, connected with a T-shaped bone. The two are distinguished by the size of the tenderloin in the cut. T-bones have smaller tenderloin sections, while the Porterhouse – though normally much smaller in the strip.
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Wagyu steak
Wagyu ribeye steak, frozen, 400g £59.20
The meat from the Wagyu cattle is heavily marbled with a soft melting fat and a silky buttery taste. This is steak for the demanding and discerning gourmet, an experience to be savored.