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by Diane - October 8th, 2010.
Filed under: Accessories, Barbeques.
Barbecues are loads of fun! Here are two great looking stylish barbeques that you'll love having on your decking or patio! You can still enjoy a barbeque in the autumn as long as it's not too windy or rainy you've got no excuse! Just wait for the next sunny day and go for it!
Barbeque accessories are there to make life easier and the little trolley is just the thing for having everything in one place so the chef can cook and serve and get things organised how they like! A trolley is a great addition to your kitchen too - some extra storage and being flexible enough to move around makes it really useful.
Barbeque tools are essential. Longer handles than normal cooking implements help you avoid getting scorched or overheated! Perfect for turning the burgers or steaks! Use tongs to turn meat as it's less like to scratch the surface which keeps the juices inside the steak and makes for a better and juicier steak!
Find a sheltered spot in your garden for the barbeque and if it rains when you've finished cooking then eat indoors! You've got no excuse for not enjoying a barbeque! The last few days have been really mild and we've been promised sunshine this weekend so get that apron on!

Stainless Steel Barbeque Stainless Steel Barbeque £37.99
Quick-lighting system thanks to the flue effect. Ready for barbecuing in just 15 minutes with the optimum of safety. With this system, a current of air is generated that quickly and effectively fires up the charcoal embers, even on windless days. The air flue is easy to adjust using a regulator on the front of the barbeque. Thus the embers can be easily controlled and the food is cooked optimally and evenly. Quality for life made completely from stainless steel. Extremely robust and durable, made from extra-strong stainless steel. Carefully screwed together, you can leave the barbeque outside in both summer and winter without damage. Its also easy to care for: your barbeque will look like new using soapy water and a cloth or brush.Practical, well-designed details: Hang the tongs, oven gloves, etc. on the rail and youll have all those important utensils to hand. An additional rack for keeping food warm will stop the food that is ready, from getting cold. The sturdy stainless steel screen holds the rack securely and horizontally at a choice of four different levels above the charcoal. At the same time, it screens the embers from gusts of wind - and your guests from being spattered by the grease. The barbeque measures 50cm in diameter, is approx. 84 cm in height overall, and its safety is tested to TÜV/ GS.
Dante Deck Grill Dante Deck Grill £179.98
This award winning Dante Deck Grill is the ultimate real fuel barbeque and combines the modern barbeque with a traditional campfire to create the must have garden accessory. Constructed from 4mm steel and stainless steel it is heavyweight, durable and designed to last. As well as a large grill area it also features a chopping board, utensil hooks and an ash collector. After the meal the cooking grills slide out and the barbeque becomes a traditional brazier. The perfect end to the day.The grill is also available with a waterproof canvas cover to protect it when not in use.Finish: SteelSize: W115cm x H80.5cm Please note: this item requires assembly
3 Piece Wood/SS BBQ Set 3 Piece Wood/SS BBQ Set £4.99
Stainless steel with wooden handle barbeque tool set, including tongs, fork and spatula.
Outdoor Barbeque Cart Outdoor Barbeque Cart £199.99
When a barbeque calls, you have to answer! Get out the charcoal and the lighters and get ready for singed eyebrows! But what about the food? And the quipment? Where are you going to keep it all? This Barbeque Cart provides three tiers to store all your manly barbeque tools!
Flameboy BBQ Multi Tool Flameboy BBQ Multi Tool £12.99
To host a barbeque, you've got to have the right tools, so what better piece of equipment to have by your side than the Flameboy featuring 7 tools in 1! Prepare food, tend to your barbeque meats, and open countless bottles with this excellent multi tool!