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Relax in the garden with a hammock

by Diane - October 11th, 2010.
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OK - no on is suggesting you try and cook whilst lay in a hammock but a barbeque is a time to relax and unwind so perhaps after you've eaten your burgers and steak you might want to relax into your very own hammock! There's an enormous range of hammocks and they make fantastic gifts! If you've got two trees at a sensible distance apart then you don't even need a stand! You can get free standing hammocks that are really easy to move around your garden!
A hammock can be a fab gift for anyone who wants to relax and unwind after a hard day in the office!

Apollo Hammock Stand Apollo Hammock Stand £189.72
The little brother of Olymp is made of the same wood, the same fittings and, of course, made with the same care. Especially suitable for the smaller Amazonas hammocks, Lambada and Brasilia.
Sumo Hammock Stand Sumo Hammock Stand £76.99
The little brother of Vario-Gala: Adjustable length and therefore suitable for all smaller Amazonas hammocks. Small packing volume and easy to assemble without tools. Weatherproof due to the high quality powder coating. Hammock available separately.
Amazonas Hammock Beach Set Amazonas Hammock Beach Set £72.17
The bargain among our sets! The powder coated blackstand and the hammock in the popular vulcano print are a great combination. Thanks to the snap locks, it is easy to assemble and can be stored away during the winter months. A winner in every way!
Brasilia Cappucchino Hammock Brasilia Cappucchino Hammock £50.18
Amazonas have managed to make their spreader bar hammocks as comfortable as the classic Brazilian hammock with no bar. They achieved this by firstly using a special, amazingly soft and flexible thread in a high quality thickness (350 g/m¦), and secondly by making the material significantly wider than the bar: 140 x 80 cm bar. This provided for a wonderful arch in which one can hang comfortably and securely! Compatible with madera, sumo, apollo and olymp stands.
Madera Hammock Stand Madera Hammock Stand £46.74
In the garden or when camping, you are always able to find ONE tree or ONE wall of a house, only a second appropriate hanging point is often lacking. To address this, we have for years been producing the amazing solution that is Madera. The weatherproof ashwood stand is anchored in the ground with a ground peg û voila, the second tree is ready and the hammock can be hung up. Madera can be easily dismantled without screws, reducing packing volume when camping. Hammock available separately.
Barbados Natural Hammock Barbados Natural Hammock £45.37
The Amazonas Barbados is a true double hammock and with the perfect balance between cost and strength - a classic of it's time and our best seller! Made from heavy duty 400g/m2 material this hammock can comfortably carry up to 160kg (that's over 25 stone!) and with a carrying width of nearly 2.5 metres, there's plenty of room too. Fixtures and fittings available. Available here in the natural canvas weave to fit into any surroundings. Compatible with Arcus, Olymp, Vario Gala and Madera stands.
Lambada Natural Hammock Lambada Natural Hammock £42.62
Lambada is the more affordable alternative to our ever popular Barbados hammocks. Just slightly smaller but still easily capable of cradling two people, the Lambada offers the perfect balance between cost and capacity! Check out our selection of fixtures and fittings. Compatible with Arcus, Olymp, Vario Gala and Madera stands. Available here in a natural canvas weave to blend in perfectly with any surroundings.