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Disposable barbeques and stand

by Diane - October 18th, 2010.
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A disposable barbeque is a quick and easy way of enjoying a barbeque at home, on the beach or whilst camping. They're light and easy to carry. Lighting them is easy too and you can be fairly quickly up and running with a disposable tray barbeque.
You should look for a good place to stand it though. On the beach it's easy - the sand is a good base, in your garden a few bricks keeps it off the grass and prevents scorching, but you might struggle on a campsite or in a park to find a good flat base. This is where the stand comes in handy - it'll keep the barbeque off the grass and ensures that nothing gets scorched! This also keeps it off the ground making it easier to cook on!
A disposable barbeque is a bargain way of enjoying barbequed food - with low start up costs and easy to store at home you could stock up to ensure you can have one whenever you want and whenever the weather allows.
Bizarrely you could give them as a present for Christmas for any keen barbequer who's not got a big barbeque through choice or space! You can have a barbie with one of these trays in the smallest space, even on a balcony or tiny yard! They allow you to enjoy freshly barbequed food any time you want! They're simple to clear up too with no messy cleaning. Just leave to go cold and then throw in the bin! Simple!
You can cook for about an hour and half on the small ones which is plenty of time for feeding about 4 people and you can cook chicken, steak, sausages, vegetables and more on them! The fine grid on the top is useful if you're cooking smaller pieces of food as it doesn't fall through!
A partysize disposable tray will feed more people as it has a bigger area for cooking on!

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