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Ribs – best barbequed

by Diane - October 19th, 2010.
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Barbeque ribs are a real treat. There's lots of different recipes out there and some include slow smoking them on top of your barbeque - others need the ribs to be boiled and then marinated and barbequed as trhe finish! Whatever you do you should make sure you've got all the accessories you need to ensure that they are mouthwateringly delicious.
Make the sauce whilst the ribs are cooking in the oven. When they are cooked through (Perhaps half an hour) you brush on half the sauce and then either return to the oven or put them on the barbeque. I think ribs are best cooked in foil to steam them first if you're going to barbeque them - it stops the meat drying out too much from two lots of cooking.
Serve with the remainder of the sauce to be spooned on or eaten with other bbq food!
For enough ribs for about six...
* 1.8 kg pork spare ribs (in a sheet or cut up depending on how canibalistic you like to be)
* 2 tbsp olive oil
* 2 onions, peeled and chopped finely.
* several cloves of garlic, crushed (At least 2, no more than... heck! No limit! but 4 is a good number)
* red chilli, finely chopped (1 or 2 depending on how hot you like things - use mild chili for the flavour if you don't want them hot)
* 2 tsp fennel seeds, crushed in a grinder.
* 115 g dark brown sugar. (You can use light brown if you have it but it's not quite the same taste)
* 100 ml dark soy sauce (A good quality one!)
* 600 ml tomato ketchup (Or a tube of tomato puree, or two of those little tins)
* black pepper - just a quick grind.

For the sauce: Fry the onion in the oil, add everything else and stir until it comes to the boil and then simmer for about 5-10 minutes. There are lots of recipes for barbeque sauce and they all generally include tomato of some sort, soy sauce, sugar, and some have vinegar in ... experiment until you find one you like!
My best barbeque hint for ribs is to get some brand new flannels and soak them in water, wring out, fold up and then nuke for 15 seconds at a time until they're hot but not on fire! These are perfect for wiping up your hands and face! Always get fresh ones or reserve these for food use only. Finger bowls of hot water with lemon in are useful but you'll need kitchen paper towels too.

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