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Barbeque glossary

Monday, November 29th, 2010
Barbecue Glossary of terms

Barbeque – can be spelt a number of ways, including barbecue, bbq, barbq as well as abbreviated to barby.
A barbeque in the UK is outdoor cooking over gas or charcoal. The word barbeque is used to describe the piece of equipment used for cooking.
A barbeque can be anything from a simple aluminium disposable tray with easy light charcoal in to a complex multi-burner mini kitchen.
There are so many types of barbeque they will be covered in a section on their own.

Barbeque sauce is a ketchup based sauce usually that accompanies barbeque food. It can be any colour from yellow, brown or red and can be flavoured to be sweet, sour or spicy or hot. It can be used as a marinade or for brushing on to food during cooking when it is called a basting sauce.

Basting is the process of brushing on liquid to food on the grill. It can be done to add flavour as well as keep meat moist. It is often used to add sticky sauces to food towards the end of cooking. If a sugary sauce was added at the beginning then it would burn before the meat is cooked.
A basting liquid can be sweet or savoury but should add flavour to the food.

Ceramic charcoal briquettes are found in gas grills and do not burn like charcoal. Similar alternatives are metal plates and lava rocks to allow heat to be stored and radiated rather than a direct flame.

Charcoal briquettes are made from different materials according to the brand. They can be made from compacted coal dust, coconut shell carbon dust, or even just charcoal. They each burn different lengths of time depending on what they are made from. They turn to ash during the cooking process.
If they are impregnated with a lighting fluid they are very easy to light.

Charcoal grill – this is a barbeque that uses charcoal.

Chimney starter is a device that enables you to quickly light a measured amount of charcoal briquettes. It is a chimney shape which enables air flow to get the charcoal light evenly.

Direct grilling is the way most people barbeque in the UK. Food is simply places on the metal grill of the barbeque over hot coals or gas burners.

Drip trays are thin aluminium disposable trays that can be used for cooking fatty foods such as burgers or delicate foods that require gentle handling during cooking. They stop the food sticking to the bars of the grill and stop vast amounts of fat splashing onto hot coals, reducing the flare ups. They also enable you to cook different foods without needing to remove and clean the grill – just use a different tray for each type of food.

Dry smoking – this is not often used in the UK. It is a slower method of cooking barbeque food and requires a hooded grill that can be shut. Food is placed directly on the grill but not directly over the heat. On the three burner grill this means having the food on the middle and having the middle burner off, or on the outside ones and only having the middle burner on. The food is cooked by the build up of smoke and heat. It can take several hours to cook a piece of meat or chicken.

Electric barbeque is not used much in this country despite our inclement weather. Indoor cooking can be done using one of these though.

Firebox is the name given to the bottom part of the grill, which holds the heat or fire. Check this regularly when getting the barbeque out that it has not burnt through.

Flare-ups occur when fat or meat juices drip through onto the burners or coals. The flames and smoke produced are unpleasant. A sprayer full of water can quickly douse any flames that are burning food. By trimming meat or using trays you can avoid them.

Gas barbeque is a barbeque fuelled by gas. Always read the instructions for your particular model grill carefully and ensure you take care with the gas.

Glaze – this is a liquid applied to the outside of food during or at the end of the cooking process to give it a good shine or finish.

Griddle is a flat or ridged piece of solid metal that is heated underneath and used for cooking on. Indoor griddles can be used and a famous lean mean grill is technically a griddle.

Grill is the term used to describe the metal wire grid that you put food on to cook over hot coals.

Grill basket or rack is a device used for holding food such as burgers, fish or kebabs so they can be held and turned easily. They are often hinged and clipped shut. They can be used for cooking vegetables too.

Indirect grilling is when something is cooked away from the main heat either in a pan of drip tray. It is gentle cooking.

Kebabs are sequewers of meat, cheese or vegetables. These can be metal or wooden squewers.

Marinade – a liquid used to soak food in to add flavour before cooking. Often using beer, wine of vinegar to help break down meat fibres and make food more tender.

Rotisserie is a rotatable device that allows a piece of meat or whole chicken to be turned so it can be cooked evenly. They can be manual or automatic.

Side burner is an additional burner away from the grill area of a gas barbeque. It is useful for cooking with a pan for frying onions or warming sauces.

Wind break is a device placed to stop the wind coming across the back of the grill. Prevents embers from flying up at the cook.

Different types of burgers

Friday, November 26th, 2010
Of course you don’t need a barbeque to enjoy a freshly cooked burger. You can cook burgers inside your home. It’s amazing what a range of burgers are actually available though – not so many years back it would have only been beef burgers that would have been available, but these days there are lots of different meats used to make burgers.
There’s a variety of named beefs that are used which stems from our desire to know more about our food. Aberdeen Angus beef is delicious and when made into burgers you know you’re going to really enjoy eating it. The expensive Wagyu beef is also available as burgers too and is supposed to be the best beef in the world. More exotic meats like ostrich and kangaroo are also turned into burgers available to buy right now! If you fancy having a burger barbeque then you could easily cook up lots of different meat burgers allowing people to sample the delicious differences available.
Cooking these burgers is exactly the same technique as normal burgers! You’ll find people are really enthusiastic about trying unusual flavours of meat and with so many available you’ll be spoilt as to which to serve first!
When serving burgers ensure you have lovely soft white buns, fresh salad, sauces and relishes as well as pickles to ensure people can have a really delicious packed burger!
Try mini burgers for the kids as they’re very cute and the kids will really enjoy them! You can make burgers yourself at home if you mince meat and form it into a patty. Some meats need something to bind them together such as egg. There are various recipes out there for making your own and you can even buy burger press machines for making them perfectly flat and round. Of course a fat burger is delicious too and can be stuffed with cheese for a delightful surprise!
If you can’t be bothered with buying burgers then there is a huge range available in the shops during the summer months on the fresh meat counters of most supermarkets. There are beef, lamb and even pork burgers available readily. Look in the frozen cabinets for the cheaper options though. You can buy good quality steak burgers frozen and these can be really delicious and good value.
Burgers can be served without a bun along with a plate of salad but they’re really best served on a good quality bread roll or bun and are even better served with various condiments.
Burger bars serve ketchup, mustard and pickle as well as a little onion on the burger to give it a sweet but tangy flavoursome taste that means it’s really mouth-wateringly good. It’s easy to serve them this way at home. Look for American style mustard as it’s not too hot and comes in a squeezy bottle just like the ketchup can. Get ready sliced pickles if you’re feeling lazy and cook some onions until they’re brown and soft, or offer some very finely chopped and raw.
If you fancy adding some heat to your burgers there is a good variety of spicy burger sauces and relishes available that vary in heat. Check that you get a mild and a hot one so people have a choice!
Kangaroo Burger, frozen, 24x160g burgers
Kangaroo Burger, frozen, 24x160g burgers £49.90
100% kangaroo meat, no additives or preservatives. All the meaty flavour of Kangaroo packed into a burger, and lower in fat and cholesterol than most beef burgers.
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Get the wine ordered for Christmas

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
It's too icy cold for barbeques today! BRRR winter has arrived today and it's frosty here so it's time to turn our attention to nicer things like Christmas.
Treat yourself to some fab wine from John Lewis - Wolf Blass is great wine!
Wolf Blass Presidents Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 S Australia
Wolf Blass Presidents Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 S Australia £153.72
This Wolf Blass flagship red includes fruit sourced from McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley. It is a rich and full-bodied wine showing blackcurrant and cherry fruit flavours with a hint of spice and chocolate from ageing in oak barrels.
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Beer Cooler for parties

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
Need to keep drinks cold? Perfect for barbeques as well as parties! Enjoy nice cold drinks with these drinks dispensers or beer coolers!
EZ Freeze Mini Keg
EZ Freeze Mini Keg £11.00
Quench your thirst this summer with this bright barrel, which keeps your beer nicely chilled for hours. Its patented non-toxic freezer gel means there’s no need for ice. It has a dispensing tap and a flip-top spout. Dishwasher safe. Capacity 3.78L. This Mini Keg is avaialble as an assortment so you may receive either green, blue or pink, or orange.
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Combo Cooler and Barbeque Grill

Monday, November 22nd, 2010
Everything you need for a party on the beach apart from the sausages, charcoal and something to drink!
Combo Cooler and Barbeque Grill
Combo Cooler and Barbeque Grill £19.56
The portable Combo Cooler and Bucket Barbeque Grill Set is really all you need for a great picnic or BBQ! All you need besides are some charcoal, a box of matches, a few yummy steaks and sausages, a portable radio and a cold sixpack. Cheers!Features: Perfect for Picnics and Barbecues Easy to Transport Exclusive Design

Little Black Book Barbeque

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
Little Black Book BarbequeLittle Black Book Barbeque - Price: £5.99 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK
160 pages of barbeque help, instructions, recipes and ideas.
Recipes for burgers, steaks, pork, chicken, and seafood and the vegetables, sides, and spice rubs that will make you a legendary chef. 160 pages; 4-1/4'' wide x 5-3/4'' high; concealed wire-o binding; book lies flat for ease of use; elastic band place holder.
Little Black Book Barbeque

Ultimate Christmas Dinner in a box

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
turkey for christmasDonald Russell have produced a special 'Ultimate Christmas Box' - Everything you need for a perfect Christmas meal in one box & delivered straight to your door. It even comes with step by step cooking instructions and a promise of complete satisfaction!
The box contains:
1 Loue free range Bronze Turkey, min weight 5kg
1 Pork Sausage Meat pack
1 Pack Smoked Dry Cured Streak Bacon 8 Pigs in Blankets
Get the main ingredients for the best turkey ever from Donald Russell. Don't forget to buy the sprouts too!
Free Mosimann's Christmas Pudding
Get all of this for just £67 - reduced from £81.25 plus Free Delivery:
Donald Russell Christmas food selection and kitchenware gifts:

Barbeque Disasters Personalised Notebook

Monday, November 15th, 2010
Getting Personal has this new item today
Personalised Notebook - Barbeque Disasters
Personalised Notebook - Barbeque Disasters £5.95
Personalised Notebook - Barbeque Disasters - this is a fun personalised notebook that features a barbeque theme! Perhaps it's a great gift for giving someone who's got a long record with having amazing barbeques! It's a silly gift that will go down well!

Masonry Barbecues

Sunday, November 14th, 2010
This is a very popular barbeque that is used as a permanent structure in your garden. It's always there and ready to use so it's great for people who love to have regular barbeques!
Stainless Steel Fire Grate and Ash Box
Stainless Steel Fire Grate and Ash Box £69.99
Stainless steel fire grate and ash box for use with all Buschbeck Masonry Barbecues.
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Wolf Blass Yellow Label at Tesco

Sunday, November 14th, 2010
Tesco Wine just added these great wines from Wolf Blass!
This sparkling wine is light to medium straw in colour with a hint of green.
Complex aromas of fresh fruit and creamy yeast are perfectly balanced on the nose, with a fine palate of apple Chardonnay flavours and strawberry Pinot Noir characters.
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