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Can you cook from frozen on the barbeque

by Diane - November 2nd, 2010.
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It really depends on what you're planning on cooking - but I'd never cook chicken from frozen on the barbeque, but cooking burgers from frozen is fine.
Think about how you'd cook things indoors. Would you defrost meat before trying to cook it? If you would then defrost it. If you'd just throw it on your grill or in a pan frozen then do the same for the barbeque.
I'd be wary of cooking from frozen anything that could hurt you if it wasn't properly cooked - but people seem to enjoy eating beef and lamb very rare so it's unlikely it'd hurt. It's nice to have food that's warm in the middle though.
If you do start cooking something from frozen but it's cooking too quickly on the outside then this could be because it's too close to the heat. Try raising the grill up and then it'll cook more slowly without burning and the insides will cook.
If in doubt cut open the food - although you should only cut open processed food. Break a burger or sausage in half and see whether it's still raw in the middle. Touch with a finger to see how hot it is if you're not sure. You'll have clean hands because you're cooking food. Ensure the food is cooked through before serving.
With steak and cuts of meat it's not a good idea to cut them open as they'll start to dry out if you have to keep them cooking for longer. Learn to feel the meat and how cooked it is. If you must cut a steak open then make sure that one is yours!
Look at the thickness of the meat you've tested. If you test the thickest piece of meat and it's done, then everything else might be overdone. If you test the thinnest steak then the fatter ones might not be cooked through to the same level.