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Wagyu Beef

by Diane - November 4th, 2010.
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Wagyu cattle produce some of the best beef in the world. It’s expensive but has an enhanced natural flavour and tenderness that is unsurpassed.
In Japan it may be referred to by the area where it’s from – such as Kobe, Sanda and Mishima. It has a higher level of omega-3 and omega-6 than standards beed and the increased level of marbling improves the ratio of mono-saturated fats to saturated fats making it a healthier meat to eat.
As well as the careful breeding programs the cattle are looked after well. Some are massaged or have beer included in their feed.
Initially taken to Japan as a tool to help wit the growing of rice, Wagyu cattle have become a world renown beef.
You can enjoy Wagyu beef at home.
Wagyu burgers, frozen, 2 x 185g
Wagyu burgers, frozen, 2 x 185g £9.90
These premium Wagyu burgers are made from 70% Wagyu meat and 30% finest chuck steak to produce a wonderfully succulent and juicy burger. Coarsely ground meat lightly seasoned, and made in-house. Impressive.
Wagyu fillet steaks, frozen, 2x350g £59.90
The very finest beef in the world cut as a fillet. The wagyu cattle live a life of unsurpassed luxury compared to other cattle to ensure a meat so tender, with a soft melting marbling of fat.
Wagyu ribeye steak, frozen, 400g £59.20
The meat from the Wagyu cattle is heavily marbled with a soft melting fat and a silky buttery taste. This is steak for the demanding and discerning gourmet, an experience to be savored.
Wagyu burgers, frozen, 6x170g £32.40
Wagyu meat is the finest of meats, and London Fine Foods is proud of the quality of these burgers, made from 70% Wagyu steak and 30% prime beef, seasoned with radish and black truffle flour to bring you a taste sensation. This will knock the socks off your family and guests at your next barbecue. The legendary Wagyu is arguably the best beef in the world.
Wagyu rump steak, frozen, 2x375g £26.30
Wagyu meat is so meltingly tender that even the rump steak is as tender as the best sirloin from other breeds. This famous breed of cattle are given a pampered and stress free life to ensure the very best of beef available.