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Masonry Barbecues

by Diane - November 14th, 2010.
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This is a very popular barbeque that is used as a permanent structure in your garden. It's always there and ready to use so it's great for people who love to have regular barbeques!
Stainless Steel Fire Grate and Ash Box
Stainless Steel Fire Grate and Ash Box £69.99
Stainless steel fire grate and ash box for use with all Buschbeck Masonry Barbecues.
Bushbeck Masonry Barbecue Spare Grill
Bushbeck Masonry Barbecue Spare Grill £29.99
Chrome plated heavy duty replacement grill for all Bushbeck Masonry Barbecue
Bushbeck Pizza Oven Insert
Bushbeck Pizza Oven Insert £199.00
Cook pizzas the traditional way with this stainless steel oven insert which can be used with any of the Bushbeck barbecues.
Rondo Masonry Barbecue
Rondo Masonry Barbecue £729.00
This barbeque fireplace fulfils the highest demands on functionality & design.
Desert Pre Cast Stone Luxury Barbecue
Desert Pre Cast Stone Luxury Barbecue £429.00
A luxury pre cast stone barbecue made from reconstituted marble and other quality raw materials, complete with chrome plated grill and free delivery.
Tuscan Pre Cast Garden Barbecue
Tuscan Pre Cast Garden Barbecue £249.00
These Pre-cast barbecues are more than just a means of cooking outside, they are an additional feature for any home and garden.
Ambiente Masonry Barbecue
Ambiente Masonry Barbecue £699.00
This exclusive garden barbeque fireplace impresses through its snow-white quartz surface and a granite mantelpiece.
Kreta Masonry Barbecue
Kreta Masonry Barbecue £599.00
This masonry barbeque comes with its own stainless steel mantelpiece turning it into an optical attraction in your garden- or on your patio.
Bologna Masonry Barbecue
Bologna Masonry Barbecue £549.00
A rustic elegant garden grill fireplace ideal for the modern contemporary garden.
Valencia Masonry Barbecue
Valencia Masonry Barbecue £499.00
The two tone apperance turns this garden barbeque fireplace into a special jewel.