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Beer Cooler for parties

by Diane - November 23rd, 2010.
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Need to keep drinks cold? Perfect for barbeques as well as parties! Enjoy nice cold drinks with these drinks dispensers or beer coolers!
EZ Freeze Mini Keg
EZ Freeze Mini Keg £11.00
Quench your thirst this summer with this bright barrel, which keeps your beer nicely chilled for hours. Its patented non-toxic freezer gel means there’s no need for ice. It has a dispensing tap and a flip-top spout. Dishwasher safe. Capacity 3.78L. This Mini Keg is avaialble as an assortment so you may receive either green, blue or pink, or orange.
Thumbs Up Inflatable Beer Ice Bucket
Thumbs Up Inflatable Beer Ice Bucket £9.99
There?s nothing better than enjoying a cold drink out in the sunshine, but nothing worse than reaching for a bottle of beer, only to find it?s warm! The solution is to keep your beers and other drinks cool in an ice bucket and this inflatable giant beer glass drinks cooler is just the thing for filling with beverages at outdoor parties or barbeques. Blow it up, fill it with ice and bottles or cans of your favourite beer, then chill out and enjoy! This is a very cool novelty that?s really useful for summer and a definite must-have for all BBQs - just don't forget to stock up on ice!
John Lewis Premium Can Cooler, 6 Cans, Navy
John Lewis Premium Can Cooler, 6 Cans, Navy £8.25
Cools up to 6 cans of beer or fizzy drink. Just the thing for a big party in the park or a day watching cricket.
Inflatable Drinks Cooler - Happy St Patricks Day Mug
Inflatable Drinks Cooler - Happy St Patricks Day Mug £11.50
A St. Patrick's Day party must have!! Keep your party drinks cool with this fantastic 64cm inflatable green mug (or beer tankard) cooler 'bin'. Simply inflate the giant mug, fill with some water and ice and pop your unopened drinks in there so your guests can enjoy a delicious cool beverage! Partybox tested one and it got a big thumbs up!