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Buying a barbeque – what budget?

by Diane - January 9th, 2011.
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Both ends of the scale - bargain bucket barbeque and a nice big barbeque!
Owning a barbeque is easy and matches your budget no matter what that is!! Of course if you don't mind a disposable barbeque these are available for a quid or two from poundshops and supermarkets!
Sainsbury's Bucket Charcoal BBQ Purple
Sainsbury's Bucket Charcoal BBQ Purple £7.49
Designed like a bucket, this handy barbeque is ideal for trips to the beach or countryside, for delicious meals wherever you are. Inside, there's a separate charcoal basket that can be easily emptied, while two metal grills give you two cooking levels - ideal for separating meat and vegetables.
Broil King Barbecue Gem Gas BBQ
Broil King Barbecue Gem Gas BBQ £175.99
Ideal, general purpose performerFull barbeque experience for the budget conscious consumerEntry model gas grill from Broil KingFree Delivery