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Barbeques at Philip Morris

Monday, February 14th, 2011

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Friday, February 11th, 2011
What about some aged rum? They're becoming very trendy and are available to suit all wallets. All interesting but the palate of Angostura 1824 offers presents mouth-watering flavours of honey, fruit, chocolate, spices and herbs. The finish is remarkably long and flavour-packed. Doesn't that sound delicious?
Maybe something to savour on a barbeque day, brush bananas with a streak of rum and fold in foil and barbeque gently for about 10 minutes until hot and steamy. Serve with cream with a drop of rum whipped in too!
Add a splash of rum to marinades too!

New lines at Barbecue
Angostura 1919 Premium Rum
Angostura 1919 Premium Rum £295.20
This is a marvellous golden-amber hued añejo, made from a blend of light and heavy molasses-based rums and aged for a minimum of eight years in charred American ex-Bourbon barrels. An exceptionally smooth rum with flavours of chocolate, nougat, honey and almond butter, it is the ideal sipping rum.
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Will 2011 be a barbeque summer?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
We'd like to hope so! It's far too early to tell yet though.
So what weather is best for a barbeque? Sunny and warm and not too windy! Even overcast days are ok as long as it's warm! In extreme hot weather it can just be too baking hot to be outside in the sun. That's ok if you've got a portable barbeque and a safe shaded area to cook in, but otherwise it's just too hot!
What barbeque aims do you have this year?
Do you fancy having a burger fest? Where you cook lots of different types of burger (Perhaps making it the year you try ostrich burgers?) or a competition to build the tallest burger?