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Firebox bbq gadgets

by Diane - May 3rd, 2011.
Filed under: Accessories, Barbeques.
Firebox has these wonderful bbq gadgets and gifts! Have more fun cooking outdoors with these easy to carry and use barbeques!
Barbegrill £34.99
Most portable camping grills have two settings: hot and stupidly hot. Thankfully this neat BBQ is so supremely controllable it can even toast bread. Simply pop in a mini butane cylinder, adjust the heat and you're away. Incinerated bangers? No thanks.
Portable BBQ Grill (Notebook BBQ)
Portable BBQ Grill (Notebook BBQ) £21.99
Ultra portable, this take-anywhere BBQs fold out to reveal generous cooking areas. Simply pop in the racks, chuck in the charcoal and reach for the burgers. It's just like a briefcase except you can set it alight and throw bangers on it.
BBQ Pizza Pan
BBQ Pizza Pan £16.99
The Teflon-coated design sits on your barbecue grill, keeping the base of your pizza away from the flames, but letting the air get underneath.
BBQ Sword
BBQ Sword £14.99
Flaunt your pork sword and swashbuckle your way to the perfect sausage with this BBQ fork disguised as a musketeer-style rapier. Comes complete with a cut-out mask to hide your identity from renegade guests with burnt banger-based grudges. En Garde!
BBQ Branding Iron
BBQ Branding Iron £14.99
Say howdy doody to this searingly brilliant aluminium branding iron that lets you personalise your meat (ouch!) with any message you fancy. Simply arrange the moveable letters, heat and get phsstt-ing! Ideal for steaks, chops, chicken, burgers or even (gasp!) tofu. Yee-ha!
Asado Grill Instant BBQ Stand
Asado Grill Instant BBQ Stand £9.99
Throwaway barbecues are great – but practical and stylish they ain’t. Arm yourself with an Asado and your charcoal woes are over: it’s a neat nest for the tin BBQ tray that looks as good as a well-cooked banger tastes.